You can get unique opportunity to obtain a business package for working with your clients, which consists of the following:

You can develop your personal website by choosing the color and background, adding a banner, and a website address with your phone number or company name extension. It will look like: (your phone on the end) or name (your company name) You can display the following content on your site: general info, business description, services and products, contact details, and indicate the company location on a map. You can also get a promo code for the advertising platform and put information about your business in the Canary Islands search engine This service is available only for Canary Islands resident companies.

What are the advantages I get from your portal?

  • You will attract new customers and expand your market with tourists and residents on Tenerife and Canary Islands.
  • You can present and promote your company services and products with subsequent ordering options and purchase online/offline.
  • You will reduce advertisement costs and save your sales staff’s time.
  • You can have your website URL on business cards, ads, posters, etc., as well as register it in search engines and publish it in social networks.

What features will my site have?

You can enter information about your business activity, prices, contact details, and indicate your company location on a map. You can also add pictures, video, products, news, and advertising. The site supports multi-language services. Users can post comments, rate products/services, earn revenue from advertising, and take orders and payments. The site is adapted for several types of electronic gadgets: PCs, notebooks, tablets, or smartphones and it will be displayed correctly and conveniently on all versions.

How do I get the site?

Simply register yourself. The whole process only takes five minutes.

Website Terms of use:

The user of agrees that the usage of this site is entirely at your own risk. The site is provided without any warranty. The user agrees not to publish materials with offensive contents that may cause moral damage or financial losses to other users. If the user’s site breaches this policy, it will face termination without prior notice. has the right to put advertisements on your website if you run the mini-account profile.

By publishing your website on, you fully comply with this Terms of Use.